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AdValue Technology

Company Name: AdValue Technology
Country: USA
Adress: 3149 S. Chrysler Ave. Tucson-AZ
ZIP: 85713
Alumina Crucibles 2006-07-18 15:56:38
Physical Spec: Chemical Spec: Place of Origin: Price: Price Type: Details: AdValue Technology is a leading supplier of alumina products, zirconia products, and fused quartz products. Our alumina crucibles, zirconia crucibles, and fused quartz crucibles are used in a wide range of applications, such as ceramics/glass manufacturing, chemical processing, foundry/casting, precious/red metal melting, semiconductor manufacturing, and labware/analytical application. We also provide boats & dishes, tubes, plates & discs, rings, and many custom components for various high-temperature and wear-resistant applications. Our Mission: To serve as a long-term and value-adding partner to our customers, helping them achieve and preserve excellence and efficiency with our quality products and superior services.
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