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AdValue Technology

Company Name: AdValue Technology
Category: Product
Country: USA
Adress: 3149 S. Chrysler Ave. Tucson-AZ
ZIP: 85713
Website: http://www.advaluetech.com
Company Profile
AdValue Technology is a leading supplier of alumina products, zirconia products, and fused quartz products. Our alumina crucibles, zirconia crucibles, and fused quartz crucibles are used in a wide range of applications, such as ceramics/glass manufacturing, chemical processing, foundry/casting, precious/red metal melting, semiconductor manufacturing, and labware/analytical application. We also provide boats & dishes, tubes, plates & discs, rings, and many custom components for various high-temperature and wear-resistant applications. Our Mission: To serve as a long-term and value-adding partner to our customers, helping them achieve and preserve excellence and efficiency with our quality products and superior services. AdValue looks forward the opportunity to serving your needs and being your long-term partner.